Finance Officer

Exercise prudent stewardship of your firm’s finances

You are held accountable for your firm’s financial performance and maximizing profit. We are familiar with the responsibilities you shoulder and we care about the same issues you may be addressing.

You may be asking yourself: “How can I make my reporting duties less of a headache?”

Reporting – You have the responsibility to comply with financial, regulatory and tax reporting requirements. Accessing data from a variety of sources and assembling it into meaningful reports is difficult and time consuming. Adding to your reporting challenges can be the keeping up with ever-changing requirements.

You may be asking yourself: “How could I more effectively negotiate payouts?”

Recruiting – You’re under pressure to determine a payout that will be attractive to the new producers you’re recruiting, while maintaining firm profitability. Comparing apples to apples for rep entitlements and benefits can make a clear comparison difficult.

You may be asking yourself: “Are we missing any opportunities to save money, time or resources?”

Maximizing profit – You want to minimize expenses and grow revenues. When it comes to controlling costs, understanding what you pay for clearing services could help you save money.

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