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When you subscribe to Insight, you gain access to research provided by well-respected industry partners.

Tap into broad-based equity research from Credit Suisse, widely recognized as one of the true leaders on Wall Street. Known for its ability to generate money-making ideas, you can put the firm’s collective knowledge and wisdom to work for your clients.

Or explore the investment research available from Argus Research Corporation, including economic and stock market forecasts, model portfolio strategies and specific equity recommendations on a targeted universe of 350 leading companies representing 60 industries. Since Argus is an independent firm, whose sole mission is to provide research, you can be sure their recommendations are completely objective.

And for access to more than 6,000 unbiased stock research reports, depend on Featuring a combination of quantitative and fundamental research, models are run daily. So you can be confident you have the most up-to-date analyses available.

When it comes to mutual funds, we employ a thorough and rigorous research process to ensure that the funds included in our “recommended” list are among the top performers available.

Plus, other non-proprietary research references are available, including S & P MarketScope® Advisor, InvestmentView™ by Thomson Financial, MorningStar® Advisor Workstation, and Dow Jones Newswires.

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