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Considering available research is an important step when developing and maintaining portfolios. And the desire to gain an unbiased yet informed investment point-of-view from research resources is nothing new to financial advisors and clients, both of whom expect a fair and balanced approach.

Our Portfolio Advisory Group (PAG) at RBC Wealth Management can assist by providing your financial advisors with a broad and deep array of timely, independent fundamental research on the equity marketplace.

  • Guided Portfolio Strategies with Defined Objectives

  1. Guided Portfolio:Dividend Growth, for clients seeking growing dividends from high quality blue chip companies
  2. Guided Portfolio:Large Cap, which invests in a diversified basket of the 20 most attractive stocks in the S&P 500

  • Private Client Prime Portfolio:Long-term investment strategy focused on buying the best business models at an attractive entry point
  • Prime Opportunity List:The “best of the best” equity ideas from all our research sources
  • Prime Income List:Conservative equity income stocks with above average dividend yields
  • Market Strategy Commentary provided daily, weekly, monthly and each quarter with both a big picture and tactical perspective
  • Traditional fundamental research on regional and small capitalization companies by PAG analysts
  • Technical Analysis Commentary that charts where money flows are headed…and are not
  • Plus, Daily and Weekly Conference Calls focused on timely investment ideas

Our PAG team specializes in synthesizing information available from RBC Capital Markets, LLC, nationally recognized vendors and other key industry analysts. The team also looks at the trends and recommendations developed by PAG research resources. They act as an impartial filter, analyzing research from a variety of reliable sources and utilizing only that which fits your clients’ needs.

With the comprehensive research and independent recommendations available from the PAG team, your financial advisors and their clients can feel confident they have the information they need to choose appropriate investment options.

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