Fixed Income

Gain access to fixed income inventory and expertise

If you are active in the bond market, partnering with us offers clear advantages that may help you more efficiently accomplish your fixed income business goals. Our parent company, RBC Capital Markets, LLC, is a major underwriter of municipal bonds. As one of our correspondents, you’ll have direct access to its varied and extensive inventory of primary and secondary tax-free products.

Using our convenient online system, you can browse available securities from over 175 dealers, select an appropriate solution and execute orders directly from your workstation. And since all fixed income offerings are “live” you can buy bonds without worrying that the listed quantity for sale is inaccurate. You’ll be able to offer clients a broad range of fixed income products.

  • Government and government agency securities
  • Municipal bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Preferreds
  • Convertible securities
  • Insured certificates of deposit
  • Unit investment trusts

In addition to providing inventory and tools, we provide expert support to help you stay on top of the bond market. Our staff of specialists keeps close watch on the fast-changing fixed-income world and delivers daily reports summarizing the news you can use. Plus, our Fixed-Income Trading and Service Desk is ready to assist you, whether you need help creating a bond ladder, calculating an after-tax rate of return or just determining what is available.

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