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Your most valuable clients have complex — and sometimes urgent — estate planning requirements. With billions of dollars in assets changing hands every year, referring clients to our affiliate, RBC Trust Company (Delaware) Limited, for trust solutions can help prepare your high net worth families for their intergenerational wealth transfer. Which may help your firm develop deeper, longer lasting relationships with them.

Delaware Trusts – These are one of the preferred wealth-building and preservation tools of America’s leading families. A Delaware trust can provide your clients with valuable benefits today — and for many years to come. Compared to other states, legal statutes regarding trusts in Delaware offer many benefits.

  • Greater confidentiality
  • Higher level of protection from creditors
  • Greater investment flexibility
  • No rule against perpetuities
  • Lower administration costs
  • Greater tax savings

As a result, millions of Americans have set up Delaware Trusts, including many of the nation’s wealthiest people. For example, while less than one-half of a percent of the total U.S. population lives in Delaware, more than 10 percent of those listed in the Forbes 400 have established trusts in Delaware.

As a correspondent firm, you have access to RBC Trust who can deliver Delaware Trust services while your financial advisors continue to manage assets held in the trust.

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