RBC Wealth Management, international division

Introducing RBC Wealth Management, international division – international banking and wealth management

RBC Wealth Management, international division offers a broad range of financial services in three core areas: credit and banking, investment management and international trust. It is also a niche leader in executive/deferred compensation (“golden handcuffs”), offshore hedge fund administration, employee benefit plans and global custody.

Credit and banking solutions

  • U.S. and multi-currency LIBOR-based* loan facilities
  • Investment liability management
  • Letters of credit
  • Premier Line of Credit

International investment solutions
A rigorous methodology for managing assets frees clients from the day-to-day involvement with portfolio management. Its international multi-currency investment management capabilities offer additional benefits.

  • Option to combine top-tier investment managers with in-house expertise in custom investment portfolios
  • Access to a dedicated portfolio manager who can construct a customized strategy
  • Qualitative and quantitative manager selection criteria based on performance, adaptability to market conditions, investment philosophy and discipline

Trust and other fiduciary solutions
From a cost and tax perspective, RBC Wealth Management, international division offers efficient and effective off-shore trust solutions. It also provides fiduciary management services in relation to trusts, companies, private foundations and other legal structures and arrangements.

For more information, please visit http://www.rbcwminternational.com.

*LIBOR is derived from an average of daily self-estimates of borrowing costs supplied by a small group of large global banks. Royal Bank of Canada is a participant in the LIBOR-setting panels tied to the US Dollar, the British Pound, the Euro, and the Canadian Dollar

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