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Get quality marketing materials — without paying the marketing agency price

If you can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, something wonderful happens. The phone rings and a sale is made. To help you build your brand and communicate with clients and prospects, we provide a variety of complimentary turnkey sales and marketing materials — produced by our experienced, retail-focused marketing staff.

Resumes – Gain access to an easy-to-use online tool — complete with examples demonstrating effective approaches to take — that your financial advisors can use to build professional resumes highlighting their individual expertise and experience.

Ad slicks – We can offer you a series of customizable ads that will help you build name recognition by creating a consistent look and message for your firm.

Brochures – When you want to introduce a product or service — or leave behind a reminder of something you’ve talked about — take advantage of our line of brochures. Private-label opportunities are also available.

Letters – The right letter can pique the interest of your clients — and that may be just the opportunity you need to get in front of them. Our marketing staff has produced a targeted library of letters representing a range of wealth management topics.

Fact sheets – Educating clients is part of the sales process. Our fact sheets provide short, easy-to-read information pieces. In some cases these fact sheets can also be used as client mailers.

PowerPoint presentations – Giving workshops can be a cost-effective way to accomplish your prospecting and client development goals. We offer slide sets covering key wealth management issues.

Trade show support – Appearing at trade shows or sponsoring special events is also an effective marketing strategy. We offer a guide to trade show and event marketing and can provide you lead cards, referral cards and other useful materials.

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