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You want to give your clients every strategic advantage possible. That’s why we publish macroeconomic white papers every 12 to 18 months forecasting the opportunities and threats on the intermediate and long-term horizon.

Written by RBC’s experienced research professionals, these white papers have a proven track record of putting the spotlight on important forces in the economy before they become major factors in market performance. In the past four years, these white papers have provided notable investment insights.

  • How the coming demographic shock may affect the investing landscape
  • Globalization: A world of opportunity
  • Harnessing the power of market cycles

These thoughtful, yet easy to read, white papers help financial advisors and their clients know what to pay attention to strategically and offer actionable steps to consider. Although they are written with a clear point of view on the subject matter, these white papers are also objective enough to allow readers to form their own opinions from the information provided.

Access to these white papers will help your financial advisors and clients take a proactive, agile approach to managing their investments. Having a little “heads up” can make a significant impact on both risk and return potential.

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