RBC WealthStation

An integrated wealth management platform for your growing business

RBC WealthStation is designed to provide the tools you need to help acquire, service and grow client relationships. Integrating client management, data aggregation, financial planning, investment management, asset allocation, trading and reporting into a single platform, RBC WealthStation provides a flexible architecture to help advisors offer superior service to their clients.

RBC WealthStation's dashboard delivers a holistic picture of your accounts, clients, personalized alerts, and communication tools. It allows you to interact with other work group members, keep notes, and even see an abbreviated snapshot of individual client information. You can access and manage client information, financial plans, investment management data and account information, as well as trading tools and business workflows. You can also see an aggregation of client holdings and real assets and use sophisticated householding and multi-level relationship tools.

Client management – Support your new sales and account management activities with account-centric, client-centric and householding capabilities. Select how they view and report information, receive alerts and perform actions.

Financial planning – Discover client needs and explore appropriate solutions with modules covering a wide range of concepts from single-issue, goal-based planning to comprehensive cash-flow planning, retirement income distributions,"what-if" modeling and Monte Carlo simulations.

Asset allocation – Create investment portfolios and propose asset allocation based on client responses and scores from a risk tolerance questionnaire. Generate forecasts and simulation models for the target portfolios using tax-efficient optimization and advisor-defined portfolios.

Trading – Produce buy or sell trade orders, including basket and block trading of equities, mutual funds and options.

Market data – Gain valuable insights from market data, market analysis, news, interactive charts, company information, commentary, real-time quotes and account valuations.

Reporting – Choose standard packages for reporting to clients and to management, including consolidated and holistic views across data points accessed through the platform.

Performance reporting – Provide clients with a report based on a variety of performance measures.

The result of these flexible and powerful capabilities is that RBC WealthStation helps you deliver wealth management offerings more personally, responsively, accurately and completely.

With the right tools, you can get a view from the top.
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