Provide “one click” access to client account information

Using Investor Connect®, your clients can go online to view their account activity. That’s good news for them — and good news for you. Because when your clients can access information about their account themselves, it increases the service level you provide.

Here are some of the features your clients will find on InvestorConnect:

  • Summary of all accounts
  • Asset details (cash, money market funds, securities and account values)
  • Intraday pricing of your clients’ security positions
  • Unrealized gain & loss
  • Today’s trades
  • Open orders
  • Historical account activity
  • Delayed quotes
  • Charts, news and the day’s most actives

Plus, paperless reporting functionality allows clients to elect to receive statements, confirms, tax documents, proxies/reorganization notices and/or mutual fund prospectuses electronically instead of through the mail.

Simple registration process
Your clients will find it easy to sign up for Investor Connect. They can register online directly through the site. Registration instructions and a demo can be found on You’ll also be able to view the same screens as your clients.

Put your stamp on Investor Connect
You can personalize your clients’ Investor Connect site with your company’s logo, financial advisor photo, and your business information (name, address, phone, fax, email). So, every time your clients open up Investor Connect and think about their investments, they’ll think of you.

Investor Connect. It’s free. It’s easy. Your clients will love it — and it can help make your life easier, too.

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